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12 September 2007 @ 06:50 pm
Request Fest Master Post  
We're still taking requests over in the Request Fest Post so don't think you've missed out. Ask for whatever you want! Make anything some one asks for! So go ahead and Request away and keep filling those requests, this won't work without you!!!

Feel free to pimp this to your friends and THANK YOU ALL for reminding me why I love being in Heroes Fandom!!!

Updated 9/15

  • I would love some Peter/Nathan fic with Nathan POV based on getting from the end of Fallout and Godsend with Peter in the hospital. (for storydivagirl)
  • Peter/Nathan schmoop is never a bad thing. (for storydivagirl)
  • I'd like to request a story with Hiro and Ando (gen or slash whichever) where Ando is teaching Hiro how to speak English. I wouldn't say no to any cameo appearances by any of the others if you can logistically fit it in. ;) (for strifechaos)
  • I'd really love to request/see a Nathan/Peter story, where Peter reveals an unexpected talent, not necessarily "power" related, with a happy ending. (for strifechaos)
  • Nathan taking care of a sick Peter, (slash or gen but I liked them to have a strong bond either way). (for strifechaos)
  • Peter/Nathan, slave AU, with some angst but preferably a happy ending. (for strifechaos)

  • 'd love a HRG fic. His first meeting Sandra, what was it about her that he fell in love with? Where did he meet her, when? etc. And have it go on to the wedding, Sandra wanting children (we know that Bennet wasn't all for it from what we're told in episode 17) When did Lyle come along? Stuff along those lines. (for marcal_92)
  • Matt and Audrey at a work party, or how they first met/started dating. (for strifechaos)

  • Five Years Gone-verse fic: Peter-centric. Includes him being badass, and some banter between him and Hiro. (for butterfly_kate)
  • I've always wanted fic or meta focused on Nathan's issues as Claire's father. Surely losing a baby daughter the way he did would have affected him! How shocked was he to learn that she was still alive? How did he feel about her having a power? What was his reaction when he realized she was the cheerleader Peter almost killed himself to save (and the fact he tried to stop him)? (for foofasaurus)
  • And after the World Tour, I'm dying for fic where the Petrellis and Bennets go on a family vacation to Germany together. The power of the crack compels you! (for foofasaurus)
  • I would love a missing scene fic of Mohinder and Sylar having a radio war in the car on their way to find Dale. Nothing slahsy and not a parody. Just a little goofiness. Bonus points if Sylar is a Weezer fan. :D (for keeper_of_stars)
  • There are so many wonderful story about baby-Peter and Nathan, but I'd love to read a gen story about Nathan and his two little sons. Well, a story about Nathan being a daddy. :) (for shiun)
  • Molly-centric fic! Could be gen, fluff, angst anything. Preferebly post-Finale. ♥ Something I'm aiming for specifically is a Mohinder/Sylar + Molly family fic, with Molly adjusting to her new daddy. Or something Mohinder/Sylar with teenage!Molly would be awesome too. Or maybe something with different snippets from Molly's life. But if you can't do any of these, I'm pretty happy with anything Molly-centric. ♥ (for lovestories)
  • How about a story about Zach? I really loved his character and then suddenly he wasn't popping up anymore. I mean, he was so easy going and self assured, not something that pops up a lot in high school students. A little back story on Zach would be awesome. (for strifechaos)
  • Claude and his pigeons? There's got to be a fic to explain how that came about. Did he have a lover that had an affinity for these rats with wings--does he just enjoy the company? You tell me. (for strifechaos)
  • Why did Mohinder's daddy name an iguana after him? That is definitely a cute little drabble at least. :) (for strifechaos)
  • Eve was quite the wild child even before her power kicked in; I liked to see one of her crazy adventures. (for strifechaos)
  • What about a Petrellis' family dinner, before Papa Petrelli left the picture. (for strifechaos)
  • Nathan taking care of a sick Peter, (slash or gen but I liked them to have a strong bond either way). (for strifechaos)

  • An RPF with Milo and Adrian...about what happened after the Lederhosen incident. A little angst is fine, but not to heavy. (for gloriatempest)
  • RPF a love story first time fic. Milo & Adrian. (for gloriatempest)


  • Icons of Milo and Sendhil at the Pre Emmy Party (for technosage) Filled by shimmeree
  • Icons of Greg Grunberg/Matt (for mistyladybug) Filled by shimmeree
  • Icons of Baby Peter using images from slodwick's adorable ficlet here. The two pictures of Peter are in the 2nd ficlet. The icons can be textless or have captions--whatever you feel like doing. :D (for 12_12_12) Filled by shiun</a> and Filled by lovestories
  • I would like animated icon of Sylar. I would like a close up of his eyes and those fantastic eyebrows. For the next frame I'd like it to say "Catepillar Brow Love" with a little heart. :D (for keeper_of_stars)
  • I'd like a icon of Peter in his nursing scrubs and/or with his stethoscope ( I think he's wearing the scrubs in the first two eps and the last ep where he has the convo with charles) with the caption: 'Hellooo nurse!' cause i'm a dork and I miss Animaniacs. (for kelly_girl)FILLED by futuresoon
  • an animated icon with several photos of all of the specials wearing hoodies (because they pretty much literally all do at some point except Nathan) with the final tag line "HOODIE = HERO". (for mystery_sock)
  • I'd like to request a icon of Peter that says Empath on it. You can use any scene you like. If you want suggestions: - Peter smiling at Claire in Homecoming - Peter in his jail cell in Fallout - Looking at Isaac's paintings in Hiros - In the hospital with Nathan in Six Months Ago... (for 12_12_12) Filled by jessieflower
  • I love Heroes. I love Firefly. I love Heroes/Firefly crossover icons. I was thinking maybe an icon that utilizes the line, "You can't take the sky from me" (from Firefly), and also incorporates Peter falling off the building or Peter and Nathan in the air in episode 1. My layout (and my LJ name) is based off that line, and I would love to have an amazing Petrelli brothers icon to use as my default that fits with it. :D (for takethesky87)
  • urg, Mohinder icons! I have no good ones and I can't find any. Same goes for HRG and Sylar. (for medie) Mohinder Request filled by jessieflowers
  • If someone could make me an icon of Linderman with the line where he denies Nathan his pot pies on it, that'd be pretty much amazing. That scene makes me laugh so hard every time, but I'm so bad at putting readable text on icons. Thaaaaank you in advance! (for unlovablehands)
  • I'm looking for a good Linderman icon. I adore the character but he doesn't get iconed too often. (for yetanothermask)

  • and a nice header for an LJ-Layout with Nathan only would be very cool! *is fixated* XD (for shiun) Filled by biffyhouse
  • I would like a banner featuring Sylar and/or Zachary Quinto. Has to be 600 x 300 pixels to work with my layout. (for dirtyking) Filled by trinaweena
  • Also, LJ headers would be sweet. Eden, Sylar, Mohinder, Peter, Nathan, Claire, HRG, and Nathan/Heidi, Eden/Mohinder for 'ships. header images 820 width 300 height. (for medie)

  • A desktop wallpaper (1024x768) depicting an angsty love triangle between Peter, Mohinder and Nathan. Any accompanying desktop icons and/or sounds would be appreciated as well. :) (for dawnie1970)

  • A moodtheme of Greg Grunberg/Matt would cause me to combust ♥ (for mistyladybug)
  • -A Petrelli-centric mood theme (if one exists, feel free to link me). (for storydivagirl)

  • Banners of Greg Grunberg/Matt (for mistyladybug)
  • Yes this is my thrid request. Yes I feel greedy. But, I'd really love a Sylar love bar. Please and thank you.(for keeper_of_stars) FILLED by marcal_92
  • This is a REALLY odd request. But I wrote a story for whackapetrelli So We're Not Exactly The Bradys which had Chloe Sullivan of Smallville being a long lost Petrelli sibling. ANY art for this would be fantastic. A dustjacket, LJ header, icons. Chloe as a Petrelli. I would LOVE this. (for medie)

  • A romantic/deeply sad & angsty vid of Peter and Nathan set to the song "All Over Me" by Graham Coxon. The lyrics are so exactly perfect and it's a beautiful song... (for mystery_sock)
  • I would love to see a fanvid done to the song "Hero/Heroine" by Boys Like Girls ... I think it would be a nifty Mohinder/Sylar vid, personally. The lyrics are here and the song can be heard here at YouTube. Or, using this song for any pairing would be awesome, too. I first thought the song meant heroin the drug, not heroine the female hero, so maybe something Isaac-related could work, too? :P (for takethesky87)

  • a Molly fanmix would be all kinds of awesome. O_O (for lovestories)

  • Don't know if this is really fill-able, but I would LOVE some sort of Heroes ringtone thing. Something funny or completely random would be wonderful. (for shimmeree)

  • I would like a layout, it anyone is able to make one. I prefer things that are light or colourful (no dark layouts for me! :D) and I would love one featuring Hayden, Milo, Adrian and Jack on the HWT (for butterfly_kate)
  • Layout of Greg Grunberg/Matt (for mistyladybug)
  • I'm new! I just joined! I want a Heroes layout, but I'm so picky. I want something simple, classic, preferably Peter or Claire oriented. Usually I make these things myself, but I have no idea where to begin. Actually, even if I could get just a nice layout, I can make the banner myself. But something - I want something pretty. If anyone can help, that would be great. (for shimmeree) Filled by jessieflower
  • I'd love a Sylar and Mohinder layout. Whether it's dark-themed (like with scenes from Parasite) or something more light and fun really doesn't matter to me as long as it has Sylar and Mohinder. :D (for twilight_kodomo)
  • I am a paire fan so...i would love a LAYOUT ( question here..layout isnt only the header right? or not?) focused on Peter protecting Claire for example or..the times he ..eh (please i dont want that this sounds bad but maybe it does..sorry) touched her in so gently way as when he saved her or when they were outside nathan office and she tried to leave and he stopped her, the famous cheek touch...etc. I prefer NOT so much DARK colours. (for atlantis2_04)
  • I would really love a Sylar layout. I don't mind dark colors, but i would really like something that focuses on episodes from the very end of the season (.o7%, Five Years Gone, Hard Part, Landslide, etc...you get the picture!) I'm too picky. It does need to be easy for me to use though, as I'm not very good with coding or any of that! If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! (for trinaweena)
  • I'd like a Nathan layout, business suit is good. Skin is better. (for gloriatraveler)


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